LESSON PLAN: Final Draft


            RolePlaying allows students to take risk-free positions by acting out characters in hypothetical situations. It can help them understand the range of concerns, values, and positions held by other people. Role-playing is an enlightening and interesting way to help students see a problem or situation from another perspective.Most of the students will not be able to remember the definition of terms. However, the understanding of the term is retained. Role Playingcan be used in giving examples such as actual situations.It is also use in assessing the understanding students.


  1. II.     CONTEXT


School: Sacred Liver School- Ateneo deAmakan

YearLevel: 4thYear High School

Subject: Christian Life Formation

Topic: Synthesizing Lessons on Atenean virtues: Magis and CuraPersonalis         

Time Frame: 45mins.






At the end of the session,

  1. The student will be able define Magis and CuraPersonalis;
  2. and give examples on each virtue by acting them out (role playing).




  1. Christian Living Textbook
  2. Laptop for power point presentation



1.      Prayer:

            Every meeting, one studentis assigned to lead the Opening and Closing prayers. She/he will quote from the Bible text then compose a prayer base on the message of the text. The prayer is type written and will be credited as a requirement.

2.      Motivation:

           A copy of Christian Living Textbook will be shown to the students. Three students will be asked: “what comes to your mind when you see this book?” Ideas or response from the students are welcome. Then, three pictures will be shown that show the virtues of Magis and CuraPersonalis. Then, two students will be asked: “what virtues can you associate with this picture?”

3.      Lesson Proper

            This class is a review on the previous lessons. This would be a summary or a synthesis of the subject.This will be especial session for graduating students. After four years in the school the student were thought two important virtues, which are found in vision and mission of the school.Magis is the word of St. Ignatius to explain the sense of acknowledging the presence of God. It means “more.” It is not just more of human excellence, achievement, and success. However, it practically means more of God. Simply ask yourself: “is this doing God’s work or will it render true service to others?” Finally, Cura Personalis means to be men/women for others. It involves sensitivity to the signs of the times or the present need of the poor, marginalize and those who are in need of presence. In a gist, it means the capacity and sincerity to help others. These two virtues are important. If these virtues are practice, everything that was learned in the school will become fruitful.


4.      Activity

            The students will be grouped into two. Each group will show a situation that would depict the virtues of Magis and CuraPersonalis. Two minutes will be given to students to discuss and agree on their presentation. The bell will be rung after the allocated time. The same time (2mins.) will be allotted for their actual presentation. Again, the bell will be rung after the allocated time. Group 1 will present first. The remaining group will follow.


5.      Summary and Deepening

            The school teaches not only the theories and applications of science, language, culture and arts. The moral and spiritual group of each student is also valued. The virtues ofMagis, which means more of God, and Cura Personalis, which means to be men/woman for others, summarize the vision of the school to produce a learned and a responsible citizen. The graduating students will leave the AlmaMater.It is only appropriate to revisit the lessons in Christian Living that thought them to become a good example.





  1. What is the definition of Magis and CuraPersonalis?
  2. Give examples on each of the virtues.
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Reflection on the Principles of Learning


            Seminary life always comes with voluminous books, exams, and grappling with complicated theological and philosophical assertions. Competence is a very important aspect in the priestly formation. Faith is not just on the level of believing without questioning. It is a faith seeking understanding. This is reason why there is more in studying. I would honestly say that it is not easy and takes a lot of dedication. WhenI am in the middle of academic difficulties, I would say to myself: “STUDY FOR LIFE!”

            Studying is about life. I believe that the first and prime principle is that learning is living life. Learning is not limited to the classroom setting however; this would be the context of my reflection. The first principle states that the Learn-er is the source and the mover of the process of learning. My father is a teacher. I would always go to him to ask help in solving math problems. He always begin in saying that if will not try it myself I will never learn. Learning is also discovering. By merely playing with homemade toys, I was able to initiate my creativity. My father then was very glad because instead of buying new toys, he gave me boxes to turn into my personal space of learning. I discovered the meaning of learning then. Until now, I keep those robots, cars, and soldiers made out of grocery boxes. It was my first achievement as a learner. I was able to discover the meaning of learning that begins in imagination. I am not a cooperative type of student. I preferred hanging out with those I call real friends. I just appreciated group works when is studied college. It was fun because my fellow students were mature and easy to talk with. Certainly, learning is always a process, often painful. I failed twice in some of my subjects when I was in college. Nevertheless, I learned from it. I finished my studies gloriously. I also learned that being a student is achieve when one is humble and believe in learning. There were many times when I choose to do other things than reading or reviewing my notes. However, when I think of the sacrifices of my parents and those people who help me a lot, I begun to change my attitude in managing my time. Learning is a mutual endeavour of the mind and the heart. Finally, learning can be unique to different people or student. I like books with many colourful pictures. I can take notes but I have to read again the text so that I could organize the main thought of the subject. And for me, learning is more fun when I am given the freedom to do anything under the sun to explain things. I other words, I have my own ways.

            Next school year, I will no longer be just a student but a teacher. For me, the definition of the teacher is a learner for and with the learner. Like the Teacher, God, learning is like a relationship that begins and ends with more journeys. To my students, I want to share to them not just the how-what-why-when-where-who learning. I will try to share to them that learning is believing and ultimately living life.


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Preparing the SELF and using METACARDS Major Highlights on February 13, 2013

                It was always noted in the class that a teacher is like a salesperson. There are required and perhaps suggested skills to get the attention of the students into learning the lessons. Physical readiness is very important. I mean on the dress up and making the self-presentable. What the senses can perceive will also affect the learning process. Yet personality and character are above all imperative. Yet, why wear something that will divert the attention of the students. Jeans are fashionable yet unprofessional during Mondays or teaching demonstration. This is perhaps the reason why there are required uniforms for teacher. I believe that this is one of the most important learning. Students look up to their teachers. Therefore, enough preparation involves going to the class is to be physically organized and presentable. Hygiene, then, is always important. I believe that the disposition and preparedness of the teachers will also resonate as a good example to the student. On my part, I am not good looking yet wearing comfortable and neat outfits add to my confidence in facing other people.

            Another important thing is using metacards. It is useful particularly after lunch classes. Learning can become boring and unproductive during these periods. I do not even survive in some of my classes in the afternoons. Nevertheless, it is always on the creativity and commitment of the teacher. A boring teacher begets boring subject and this will echo to boring students. That is why there are many considerations to look at. One of these is using metacards.

            I learned that there is something good in making metacards as tool for instruction. I really remember some guidelines because it is so simple yet always overlooked. Transparent, masking, or packaging tapes are not allowed. It is not practical and it destroys the board. Aside from that, It always go with pairs of scissors. It takes a lot of time to prepare. The quality of time in teaching is compromise. Instead, white tapes are very economical and timesaving. It is easy to cut without scissors. The other suggestion is not put it in front of the cards but behind it. It is also important to consider the combinations of colours in using metacards. Sometimes, the contrast of the colours are more important the content. For me, the goal is to attract the attention of students using the cards but not to stay with it. Like I said, so simple yet sometimes ignored. I can recall some of my teachers in elementary. I can say that they have use the purpose of the metacards inappropriately. 

            Ultimately, I believe what is important is a kind of consciousness that learning is about life. So why settle on the simple preparations when there are a lot of time and opportunity. Soon I will be teaching in one of the prestigious schools in Cebu. It is a challenge however;I am very much looking forward to it. When I was there for my teaching demo, exams, and interviews, I realized that there are things that I needed to prepare particularly on the subject. With the kind of students that I have, I already see the future of my experiences. It will really demand time and space.My personal preparation begins with the blessing of God who has a creative and a salvific means of teaching.


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Planning is the Key Highlights of Learning on February 20, 2013

          Successful and fruitful classroom sessions are achieved in a thorough planning. Lesson plans, therefore, are vey important in making the session meaningful to the student. One of the things that I learned this day is about anticipation and openness to surprises in the classroom. Anticipation lies in careful knowing the student. The realization of the lesson plans begin in establishing relationship with students. I remember when I was teaching in the prison camp Muntinlupa. I never started the planning properly until my first few days of encounter with the inmate students. I was able to notice their daily routine, their needs, how they learn things and their interest to learn. It was difficult for me because it is unfamiliar environment but I was able to cope up with it through exposure to their very lives. From then on, making lesson plans is no longer that difficult.

            Openness to “surprises” is also important especially when it is the call. I call it “surprises” because it requires listening skills and preparedness to this type of situation. For me, it is a time in the classroom when the lesson plans must forgo to accommodate concern that is more importantthan the scripted lesson. However, it does mean leniency. It can not be used as an excuse not doing the lesson plans. In my teaching before, the inmates suddenly wanted to do something else instead of reading and writing. I did not listen to them because I have to be faithful to the lessons. One student approached and told me that their families or friends did not visit many of them for many weeks. It was then the prison camp was disturbed by massive riots. Many of them are depressed. In their context, I have to listen to their needs because the class will not be meaningful if insist my lesson plan yet it will have no impact to the student. I changed my routine to answer the signs of the times. I organized a comical skit, drama, and singing competition to keep their attention away from violence. I believe that it helped. None of my students involved in conflicts because they are busy in their rehearsals and preparing their props. I also promised that winners will receive prices such as school supplies and shoes. People coming from religious groups donated these. I believe that it really helped. I never compromise the lessons. All their presentations are still related to the lesson. It was my first in teaching and I have less knowledge in teaching methodologies and principles. However, I did listen and to be aware of the situation of the students. That experience widens my horizons in understanding my students and assessing my own relationship to them. It allowed me to explore more the life of my students and learn from them. I also realized that preparing the lesson plan is not on the level of ‘for show’. Nevertheless, it is means and guide to make the class encounter more meaningful. Therefore, both mind and heart are invested in preparing the lesson plans.

            In my reflection, planning is still required by law and by conscience. Law requires it because the students are the future of the country. It is required by conscience because it is the prime duty of every competent teacher.

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On the Part of the Teacher Highlights of Learning on February 27, 2013

               Teaching is not just a profession or a career. Some would stay on this level because what is important is to earn and not to mould students. I can observe how my teachers do their work when I was in grade school, high school and even in college. Many of them considered teaching as part of their lives. Sadly, some of them are merely reading the books without listening to the needs of the student. They call themselves as mentors yet unable to set a good example to the young. However, my goal in this reflection is not to criticize and correct bad habits in teaching. Instead, I will examine my self as teacher in a prison community before and as seminarian teaching as a part of the formation.

            I believe that teaching is also a calling. My father, my older sister, and many of my relatives are teacher themselves. Somehow, it runs in the family. When I was a child, I also imagined myself teaching in the classroom. I look up to teachers because it is not only a job but also an important factor in building a nation. I remember in my high school, there was a saying that every teacher should know. It was located in front of the administration. It says, “Be proud you are teacher, the future depends on you.” I already forgot the person behind the caption. I think he was a DECS secretary. Every time I see those words, I was also moved and captured to dream of becoming a teacher. Yet, I ended up in the seminary life where teaching became part of my vocation.

            I learned that teaching is both effectiveness and efficiency. In the proper sense of the word, effective means producing favourable results or impressions. I believe that a teacher is effective when the students talk about the lessons even outside the classroom. The teacher is able to give or did the lessons well. The students understand the subject. There are two important things here. The teacher is effective because he or she established a good relationship to his students and at the same time inspiring them to study. On the other hand, efficiency meansthe ability to do something well or achieve a desired result without wasted energy or effort. I believe the key word here is ability. The teacher is able to acquire and execute necessary skills to teach the student. He or she does not only depend on the textbook but her or his capacity to teach for with the students. For instance, for a class of forty students good and clear vocal sound is basic. Another, lecture is not the crown of all the teaching strategies there are more.

            Next school year, I will be teaching in Cebu. All that mentioned above are also the things that I must put into my heart and mind. It will not be easy to become an effective and efficient teacher. But I believe in God-given gifts and my acquired skills from years of experiences with people and life.


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Learning the Best Teaching Reflection on the Principles and Methods of Teaching

            The second semester of this school year, I considered it to be a specific period of preparation for my Ministry Year. Next school year will still be part of the formation year outside the walls of the seminary. I am a teacher and at the same time a seminarian. I will be bringing the good name of the seminary as well as bringing God to the lives of my students in Cebu. I am very thankful for this opportunity. I will personally consider my life away from the seminary structure as a calling to share my gifts and to experience more about life. Special thanks also for the generosity of Ms.Amphie. Her presence is like a morning flower that blooms underneath the rays of the sun. She is God’s instrument. I learned a lot from her expertise and experiences.

            For me, learning the best way of teaching is to believe in myself, to be inspired by others and above all to be empowered by the grace of God. I believe in my capacities. Not perfect but I have enough sense of dedication and necessary skills. The school is consistently and strict on the rules of English speaking plus the requirement of basic mandarin. It is an English and Chinese speaking community. Students there are far more advanced than any other school that I observed. The parents are members of the business, private and government sector. I have this feeling of inferiority in some sense. However, I will keep in my mind that I will not be there to compete or to impress. I will teach there to teach there students. Not everything there is teaching. I will also deal with the school administration, fellow teachers, to my student and to the parents. There, everyone will become stranger to me. Nevertheless,I am ready and open to work with and for others. I am not sociable and friendly but I can handle different personalities. The most important I believe to be always connected with the source of everything that is good in teaching, God. It will be His will now and always. I pray for His guidance and mercy to make me a discerning teacher and member of the school community. There are also another aspect of my ministry that might really affect my formation. I had an experience before. I almost give up something for another person. My heart is a clinging heart. I became too much attached to a person or things. I prayed it all to God.

            One semester is not enough. The journey of teaching to another frontier is beyond the comforts of formation. I will be living on my own though I have a partner in teaching. Everything is no longer free like meals are no longer prepared for someone else. I will do it on my own. I will met strangers and new people. I will leave for a while the community where     I am most comfortable. Though I have the full freedom in doing anything, I am expected to exercise concretely the ethics in ministry. When I was in Ateneo de Cebu the people calls me there as a brother. Meaning there is something attached to my name, a title. I have anxieties, doubts and even fear. I might meet all the expectations. However, like what Ms.Amphie said we are always up for the challenge. 

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One of the worse teaching mistakes: Relying too much on all the current pedagogical advice and not taking into account your own instincts, knowledge of your actual students, and personality.

There are many ways to be an efficient teacher but there are only few who can be considered as effective. Two years ago, I volunteered in an NGO. Jesuit Volunteers Philippines is one of the institutions that send volunteers to different parts of the country. After college I applied because I wanted to share my time, presence and God-given gifts to those who are in great need. My application was accepted few weeks after the exams and interviews. I was informed that I will be assigned in the Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City. I was assigned to another NGO, Philippines Jesuit Prison Service. Before going to the area, there were series of training and workshops particularly on formal education. I just learned that I will be teaching the inmate students.

            The two-week preparation was just to prepare me for the general introduction of my role as volunteer, as a teacher. The real battle started the first few days in the area. The culture, people and the place itself are very unfamiliar. The language challenged to really immerse myself with the people around the area. The school year begun. I met my students. The were forty-eight of them.

            What is the essence of a teacher? In the little prince, the fox said to the prince that what is essential is invisible to the eye. I do not have any degree in education. I finished my degree in philosophy but not thinking of any reason to teach. The weeks of preparation as teacher were very limited. The workshops taught me the pedagogy and everything about objective teaching technique and the ideal lesson plan.

            Teaching in the prison community is a different thing at least in my experience. In the class, though I am the teacher, I am also the youngest. My students have wider experience. I know the “how” but giving examples about life was tricky. Therefore, I improvised my teaching techniques according to the context of my students, my capacity, and the environment they are in.

            The description of the subject was English language and Literature. Instead of teaching them everything in the textbook, I taught them the essentials in their context. Generally, I taught them writing and reading in different ways. I have to be more creative because of the lack of school supply such as papers, pens, and chalk. I research about their primary concerns. I learned that they need to know how to write petitions and requests. Though this concern has legal matters, I tried to research further about the process and the prison camp system. At the end, I was able to teach my students how to properly compose a valid and convincing excuse letter so that instead of going to class the inmate students could attend their visitors. Instead of teaching them western novels, I exposed them in reading the news current events that are found in the internet. They were able to practice more reading, writing through reaction papers and updating trending events outside the prison camp.

            After a year, I discovered that I have learned so much than teaching them to learn. Despite of my brief experience and limited knowledge in teaching, yet I claim myself as a teacher. I am a teacher in my own ways because I believe in God and I believe in my students. 

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Class Session


SUBJECT: Christian Living

YEAR LEVEL: 2nd Year High School

TOPIC: God Cares

TIME FRAME: 45 min.



Flow of the Session

Multiple Intelligences

Opening Prayer/Song: Dios ay Pag-ibig


Reading Bible Passage

(students are required to bring Bible)

The students are given 10 min. to find a Bible passage/story/parable that tells about God’ care for man and creation


Making a List of the People they Care

They can be creative. They can describe them through…

1. Drawing

2. Impersonating                                      


Ice Breaker:

God cares for his Creation

Dance: “Animal Action so much Fun”



Sharing among group members


Lesson Proper on God Cares

Scripture Passage: Matthew 6:31-32

CCC #1693




Making a letter to God

It should contain a word of gratitude for giving all the people they care


Closing Song: “You are Near”




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The Holy Presence on the Stage: A Reflection of Monologue Experience


            I witnessed the superb and well applauded “Mysterio” few years ago when I was in college. It was an astonishing experience watching the show.  As an audience I made my personal critique to the characters and their roles. Base on my standard, the actors played their role very well. I can sense the quality of the drama, the simple yet dignified production, the influence of humour, the moving tragedy and the message of the play. The way it was made, it must have gone through rigorous rehearsals with the director and made a lot of sacrifices for its success.  I appreciated more the comical part. This is the portion where I really put all my attention.  I was satisfied with the whole performance. During that moment I started to dream to be part of St. John Vianney Theological Seminary.


The Time to Shine

             Truly I was blessed by God. He directed me to St. John Vianney Theological Seminary. My first month in the seminary is a grateful beginning. The dream became a real journey.  I was still learning many things in the community. I was adjusting to the new environment and to the new faces. During the orientation seminar, I heard that there will be another play for the 22nd Alumni Homecoming this year. It was about Fr. Agustin Consunji, a Jesuit missionary during the Second World War. I do not know yet the details of his story. According the Jesuit archives his assignments in many parts of Mindanao tells that he was one of the unknown heroes in Christian evangelization. Fr. Rector is telling many times about the play.  I was thinking of how the characters will be picked. I keep myself silent about my curiosity for the play. Until such time that some people were called for a meeting. I was invited to join them. The veteran actors and stage crew in the seminary are present. At the back of my mind I was whispering to myself that this meeting is the start of my “acting career.” I was smiling after the meeting because the day after I will be saying “yes” to be one of the actors. I do not really have strong passion in theatre but I played many roles during my involvement in the drama club back in high school. All I want this time is to share what I have.


The Role

            I was already expecting that the other aspects of the formation will be affected. I have to spend more hours in memorizing my lines and stage blocking. Ma’am Ameta Taguchi, the devoted and most gifted director of the play, gave me a role which is very familiar and somehow innate. I played the role of Fr. Agustin Consunji SJ who is at the peak of his achievement in his priestly ministry. The role speaks about the passion and the turning point of the life of Fr. Agustin as a parish priest and missionary before his martyrdom. Many changes have been made and added in the script. It was not an overnight process of internalizing and relating to the character. I have to research about the comic performances played by the pervious actors in the seminary. I also need to recall events in my past that will enhance my ability to connect to the character. But after series of repetitio I was able to realize the edifying essence and the message of the character that I was trying to embody. On my part the great challenge was to attend the rehearsal unprepared and sometimes making excuses for exemption.   But there is one thing that boosts my spirit to commit for a spectacular piece. The director said that I have something which is a gift.  Acting is something that I can afford to do. Maybe for that reason she gave me the freedom to deliver the lines in front of the audience the way I express myself on stage. The complement from a Palangca [1]Awardee gave me more reason to give what I have without much of inflated artistry but of pure talent.


The Moment

            After several weeks of preparations, the momentous moment had finally unfolded in my first performance as an actor in the seminary. Everybody in the crew and the cast are worried of the overall outcome. There are still technical concerns that must be finalized.  On my side there was a feeling of tension and fright at the start of my lines. I was troubled with my facial expression and everything about the whole performance. In fact, I made few mistakes when I was starting to face the audience. The lapses in the lights and sounds nearly broke down the whole show at the middle part. It was taken cared of before the next performance begun. After all God has his own script. Yet the laughter, the cheering and the positive reaction of the crowd seem to raise my spirit to deliver my piece with natural agility. In my theory in winning the mob it is not just about the ‘what’ of the presentation but the ‘how’ takes a crucial consideration. What I did on stage was acting my role with purpose. The appreciation coming from the spectators are the secondary goal. After the play I received a lot of gratefulness and handshakes from the crowd. 


The Reflection

            On the stage I retained some of my emotions and experiences that are related to the role. There are two reasons. First, I understood very well the nature of the character. Finally, it is easier to give what I already have. I brought back the moments where I was able to please important people. I recalled some of my memories that I became popular for an amusing performance and commendable achievements. The whole presentation was my capacity to act and above all a grace from the one who is the Director of actors in the universe, God.

Fr. Agustin Consunji is priest dedicated to the glory of God. I am just an instrument to express what he had done for the church. The props: his hat, pair of boots, soutane, the bible and the chalice are symbols of his service to God. My part was not about the clowning event of his life. It was not a romanticizing reflection of his vocation as a priest. It was the time where he was exhausted with all the things that he needed to do in his ministry. He cannot boast it to anyone. He is just simply telling that he gave up everything including his life. His story is a sort of bringing back the human experience of Jesus when he told his Father of everything difficult that he must do. “Thy will be done” was the answer of the Saviour and the martyred Agustin.

It is an honour for me to become one of the channels as actor of bringing into life the experience of Fr. Agustin Consunji SJ his life and ministry in Mindanao. As an actor, not by profession but by commitment and grace, I simply echoed the works of Fr. Agustin as a priest modelled in the heart of Jesus.  But as a seminarian and soon a clergy in Mindanao, I believed that it was more than just a stage presence it was about the glory of the Holy Presence on the stage.



[1] Please make a correction for the correct spelling. Tnx.

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Faith Sharing on Jn. 7:14-18, 37-39

Duha ang mga pagbasa karong adlawa: Para sa ordinaryong panahon ug alang sa kapistahan ni Santa Teresa Avila. Akong gipili ang Ebanghelyo ni San Juan kay haum sa akong mga Pamalandong. Ingun ninii ang nahisulat: “Giunsa man niining tawhana pagkahibalo ug daghan nga wala man unta siya makaeskuyla.” Gi-highlight nako ang pulong nga makaeskwela. Sulod sa duha ka mga semana, nabati nako ang kakapoy, kabalaka ug kaguol ug uban niini ang ka-excited. Una, tungod sa umalabot nga exam, nga nahuman lang kagahapon, Praise God! ug ang ka-excited, para sa atong laag, sa pipila lamang ka mga oras mobyahe na kita padulong sa Bukidnon, once again Praise God! Wala man tuod diay maka-eskwela ang atong Ginoo apan puno kaayo siya ug kahibalo ug kaalam sa kasulatan ug labaw sa tanan anaa kaniya ang Amahan. Akong gibalikan ang humilya ni Fr. Raul Dael niadtong martes. Miingon siya: the balance of the external reality and the interior foundation. Para kaniya haum kini nga Pamalandong alang sa mga seminarista nga bilar tungod sa sobrang pagtuon ug uban pa. Alang kanako, mao siguro kini ang akong nalimtam sa mga nanlabay nga mga adlaw. Akong gihikot ang akong kaugalingon sa bangko aron dut-an pag-ayo ang pagsabot sa mga daghang basahon. Apan luyo niana, nahisama usab ako ni Pelagius, nga ang tawhanon ra nga paghuna-huna maoy gisaligan aron maluwas ako sa exam. Sa akong kabahin, nagtuo ako nga kung mas daghan ang akong oras sa pagtuon aduna akoy ikarason aron humanon ang adlaw nga walay pag-ampo. Ayha palang nako napamalundungan ang mga pulong ni igsuong Arces nga nag-ingun: Study for Life! Luyo niining tanan, nagpasalamat ako sa maong kasinatian kay akong napamalandungan ang paghalad sa oras para sa pagtuon ug paghatag ug luna diha sa Ginoo bisan paman sa akong pagpaningkamot. Susama sa inyong mga Kasinatian, wala nahimong sayon ang akong mga gabii nga halos dili ako makatulog sa sige ug huna-huna sa unsay itubag sa exam pagka-ugma. Apan salamat sa Diyos kay nakita nako ang mga bunga sa akong pagtuon. Dili lang ang possible nga resulta sa grado apan sa daghang nga pagtulun-an nga akong ika-sturya sa Ginoo diha sa akong mga pag-ampo.
Kagahapon nahuman ang akong semana nga puno ug laing kabalaka napud kung unsay mga resulta niini. Apan miingun ako sa akong kaugaliongon nga Mang-Laag pa raba ugma, kinahanlan maghiusa ang kasing-kasing ug pang-hunahuna aron makalangoy ako ug tarong sa swimming pool, maka-pangabayo nga puno ug pahiyum, mabusog sa fiesta nila ni Oswaldo nga malinayon, makasuroy nga walay gi-hunahuna nga lain ug labaw sa tanan uban kaninyo maka-uban nako ang Ginoo diha sa atong Laag sa Kalasag. Bukidnon get ready, RR Resort here I come! Praise God!

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